How to Make Video Conferencing Less Awkward for Everyone

Video Conferencing is a Different Animal

There is no denying that having a conversation via video conferencing just feels different to those used to in-person conversations. There?s a reason for this.

Comparing face-to-face communications to remote conversations and how long we?ve had to grow accustomed to them, it is no wonder that conferencing seems so strange. After all, we?ve been having the former for about 70,000 years while we?ve only experienced remote voice communications for about a century. The human brain has developed to speak as efficiently in a conversation as possible, not talking over someone but picking up immediately after they are finished.

This is exactly why ?awkward silences? are so awkward.

However, because the signal can take a few milliseconds to reach us, these pauses become unavoidable as we are conferencing, which is where the following scenario comes into play:

??and that?s our progress on that so far??

?Well, great, spinning off of that, I think??

?..Now then, moving on to?oh.?

?Oh, sorry, thought you were done. Go ahead.?

?I wasn?t finished, but?no, that?s fine, go ahead.?

it will ultimately assist your team in cooperating with one another and accomplishing more.

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