How to Create an IT Roadmap for Your Company

Evaluate Your Current Technology

Before you can create a new IT roadmap, you should evaluate your current technology first. Make a record of the company’s total systems and programs. Are they being leveraged correctly or used to their full potential?  Do they have any limitations that may be a problem in the future? After you’ve noted the full capability and quality of the company’s technological tools, you can start working on improving it. 

Determine Your Goals and Objectives

Once you’ve made those evaluations, it’s time to figure out the company’s most important strategic goals and objectives. The goals should be clear and specific. Next, spend time brainstorming how technology help the business achieve those financial and operational goals more quickly and efficiently. 

Anticipate the Future

Companies that don’t anticipate the future rarely succeed. Consider what the company may need in the future to stay ahead of the competition. Do you anticipate any federal or regulatory changes in your industry? Does your company plan to expand into different markets or offer new products? When you plan ahead, you can have the foresight to use technology that’s flexible and can easily scale with the company. 

Plan Realistic Budget and Time frame

Create a realistic timeframe and budget for the IT roadmap with several milestones you can use as markers to determine your progress. The most important objective should be the highest priority. Remember to include SaaS (software as a service) subscription fees, maintenance fees and other one-time or ongoing expenses when creating the budget.

Incorporate Business Continuity Plans 

The IT roadmap plan should also have a section that discusses how the technology will continue to function in case of an emergency. Every process should be clearly mapped out so that there’s no confusion later on.  

Make the IT Roadmap Transparent To Every Employee

Your company’s IT roadmap should be transparent to every employee. That can allow everyone to understands how leadership plans to leverage technology to meet the company’s strategic goals. When management is open about the entire process it can help build trust and credibility with employees, while making it easier for them to accept the changes.

Hire Professionals To Create the IT Roadmap 

Not sure where to start in making a tech roadmap? Don’t worry, you can easily outsource this to an experienced managed IT company. They can evaluate your company’s needs and consult key decision-makers before helping you develop a solid plan. An objective party can facilitate communication easier between departments and get a holistic view of the company. Besides creating the IT roadmap, they can monitor the progress of the project and make assessments. 

Frequently Update the Plan

Let’s face it, your technology strategy will continue to grow like your business. The IT roadmap will evolve over the years due to changes in the marketplace, government regulations or competition. You can also revise the plan to capitalize on new opportunities.

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