How the Grinch Didn?t Send that Email!

There?s so many threats,
and with attackers so busy
how can you stop them all
without getting dizzy?

To answer this question,
we look to one Who,
who smartly saved Christmas
from disaster, part two!

We all know this Who,
Cindy Lou, she?s called,
who opened her email
but at that point, she stalled.

She there found a message
from her old friend, the Grinch
but something about it
was off by an inch.

?Hello you my grand chum,?
this strange email read.
This didn?t sound like what
The Grinch would have said!

?I need a big favor,
I feel like a fool,
and right now I?m stuck
in the Jungle of Nool.?

The email went on,
?Just so you?re aware,
I decided to travel
and let down my hair.

?But while I was here,
my wallet was taken!
my tickets were in there,
I?m broke and I?m shaken!

?So please, send me funds
and send them quite fast!
If I don?t get home soon
I don?t know if I?ll last!

?I have included a link
to a transactional site,
please send it in Seusscoin,
I need it tonight!

?So please, my dear Cyndi,
help me come home!
I want to be safe,
nevermore will I roam!?

Cindy sat back,
a frown on her face.
She said, ?I don?t think
he?s really stuck in that place.?

Young Cindy was wise,
and, shaking her head,
said, ?This might be a scam!
Let me check what I read.

?Aha! Yes, here! This part doesn?t make sense!?
Cindy was heard to exclaim.
?How could the Grinch
misspell my first name??

She peered ever closer,
and cried out, ?Success!
I know the Grinch well,
that?s not his address!?

So Cindy was smart,
and by dialing correctly,
she called up the Grinch
who answered directly:

?Hello, my dear, what do you need??
Said the reformed Grinch so nicely,
and Cindy explained
what had happened, concisely.

Young Cindy knew that
when one gets a strange note,
one should try to make sure
that note?s a real quote.

Because email can be
a tool for a crook
trying to make you
feel like a schnook.

So be careful of email
now, and all seasons
and when you get a message
always question the reason

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