Growth of the Internet of Things Is Concerning IT Administrators

It all starts by considering the biggest security issues facing the Internet of Things. We?ll walk you through some of them, as well as what you can do to shore up any potential weaknesses in your infrastructure.

The Sheer Quantity of IoT Devices
It?s hard to protect yourself from threats when there are so many of them out there. This is even more true for Internet of Things devices. If you consider each and every device that has some sort of connected functionality as an Internet of Things device, you suddenly see why there are so many issues regarding security for businesses. It?s inevitable that at least one of them will contain some sort of threat. If any single one of these devices is infected with malware or ransomware, its presence on your network could become a major issue.

What?s worse is that many of these devices are often those that you might not typically expect to have any sort of connectivity. Examples are smart cars, appliances, thermostats, watches, and more. This makes them somewhat difficult to prepare for, as it?s a little more difficult to plan access control around devices that you can?t predict will access your network.

Patches and Updates
The sheer number of devices also plays a part in regards to patching and applying updates to them. The Internet of Things is so vast that it is impossible to guarantee that all of the devices are using the most up-to-date versions of whatever software operates them. This means that it?s likely at least one of the devices accessing your network aren?t as up-to-date as they need to be.

Even worse is the fact that many Internet of Things devices are often one-off systems created by developers for the sole purpose of capitalizing on what?s popular in that moment. This could potentially lead to developers no longer supporting certain devices, as they may not have sold well or weren?t as popular as expected.

You might not be able to control and manage devices out there in the wild, but you can attempt to control and manage the devices that access your data on a regular basis. The first step is taking a look at the devices your employees bring to work with them, as well as managing the permissions that each of them has to access specific data on your infrastructure. Furthermore, you?ll need to make sure that all devices connected to your network are up-to-date, as even minor vulnerabilities could become a gateway for threats.

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