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There’s a good chance that you?ve considered managed IT services before, but if you haven?t, and you are looking to control your costs while commerce is slowed, a managed services provider (MSP) can offer a lot of benefits. Let?s take you through some of the services an MSP offers that can help get your business through tough times.

Leveraging the RMM

There?s a good chance you use IT to run your business, but how do you keep your technology working effectively? Do you use a break/fix vendor? Do you have an internal IT administrator (or a whole department)? Whichever strategy you use, technology is bound to have problems. An MSP delivers value by having trained experts use cutting-edge remote monitoring and management technology to mitigate hardware and software malfunctions and support network health. With the RMM, technicians can provide superior uptime, which if leveraged correctly will result in more productivity.

This RMM strategy is at the core of what we do. In fact, regardless of what strategy you have in place at this moment, using the RMM, an MSP can provide significant cost savings, while maintaining superior network and hardware performance and security.

Fixing Your Hardware

Regardless of how proactive you are, technology will break. So, while the RMM will unquestionably mitigate a fair share of potential problems, sometimes you will need your technology fixed. An MSP?s technicians do offer onsite support for broken technology; and, depending on your agreement, it can be much less than using a break/fix vendor.

Additionally, most MSPs feature around-the-clock IT support through a help desk. It is a toll-free number that anyone in your company can call and get immediate support for common issues you and your team may encounter. 

We Can Get You the Technology You Need

For the technology that needs to be replaced rather than repaired, an MSP?s consultants have years of experience with business technology, and have forged relationships with some of the very best vendors in the industry. This means that not only can you get products and services that can improve your business, you can do it at a fair price, and will get expert assistance getting the technology deployed in the manner that works best for your business. 

Patch Management

Software is one of the most important parts of your IT infrastructure, and often the most vulnerable. The MSP will manage software security updates and patches to ensure that your software, your network, and your business aren?t exposed to vulnerabilities and threats from outside your network. 

Vendor Management

You would be surprised just how much your vendors cost you. Most MSPs offer a vendor management solution that allows you to have a single contact for all of your company?s IT vendors. This will free you to focus on your business, and not the litany of vendor reps that would normally take up a lot of your time. 

White Mountain IT Services proudly offers a comprehensive managed IT service that can help you reduce costs, improve your business, and free you up to run your business the way you want. Call us at (603) 889-0800 for more information. 

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