Five Biggest Tech Myths BUSTED

Myth #1 – RAM determines how fast your computer runs.

Most mislead tech gurus believe that a computer with more RAM, or random-access memory, means a faster performing PC in general. RAM is essentially a temporary storage space where active programs are called from. This super-fast storage space does nothing more than allow you to run more programs at the same time. While it is necessary, and more RAM does improve your computer, it isn?t the fix-all component. It doesn?t give it hyper-loading abilities, but you could see small improvements depending on the workload you give the computer and the intensity of the software. 

Myth #2 – ?Safely remove USB? prevents data loss.

USB drives might seem the same as they were 10 years ago, plug it in, download information, click ?safely remove USB?, and pull the drive out. Simple, but do you know what clicking ?safely remove USB? does for your computer, and your USB drive? When this option is selected, your computer ensures it is not sending or receiving data from the disk. If you aren?t saving anything, or pulling data off of your drive, there is no harm in removing your USB drive.

Myth #3 – It is unsafe to use your smartphone while charging.

This myth is brought up frequently enough that we thought we should address it. Some scenarios, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 snafu where devices caught fire, have led people to believe that using a device while it?s charging could lead to burns, fires, or even explosions. Sure, your smartphone will take on extra heat if you?re using it while it is plugged in, but they are designed to be used while charging.

Myth #4 – You should not use a different phone manufacturer?s charger.

Let?s take a look at an actual phone manufacturing company?s Q&A regarding charging their cell phones.  ?Ensure a manufacturer-approved wall plug and USB charging cable are used to avoid extended charging times or other charging issues.” A common corporate-infused idea is that using a lesser-known charger brand will corrupt your device or destroy the battery. The truth is, your phone does not recognize who made your charger, and it does not care. All your phone looks for when plugged in is a charge to store. We?re not saying go out and buy the cheapest, lowest quality charger money can buy, but if you need to charge your phone with an Amazon Kindle charger, your phone will be fine. 

Myth #5 – Using a private (or incognito) browser hides my identity.

Sometimes, private browsing is used for absolutely no reason. It doesn?t make you a ghost, you?re not unhackable, and you?re not untraceable. The only thing a private browser does is ignore locally saved data, and clear any additional localized data added whilst the browser is open. Any external source still is able to track your activity. If you?d like a secure and private experience, you will need a Virtual Private Network. 

Do you have any additional myths you?d like us to bust? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and return to our blog for more technology information.

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