Does Your Company Use Antivirus Software?

At first glance, you might think that implementing an enterprise-level security solution for your small business might be overkill. After all, you?re a small business–not a large enterprise with a target on its back at every turn. Unfortunately, the reality of this situation can?t be farther from the truth. Because you?re a small business, hackers know that you might not invest in security solutions, whether it?s simply because you don?t want to or because you can?t afford to do so. This makes them more inclined to target you. Consequently, one can see the importance of running security measures to keep threats at bay.

It?s hard to argue that preventative measures aren?t beneficial to the security of your business, and as far as keeping threats out of your infrastructure, you can?t go wrong with an enterprise-level firewall, spam protection, and content filtering solution. But where a lot of organizations get hung up on is antivirus, particularly because they might be under the impression that an antivirus solution doesn?t yield a return on investment unless your organization does indeed suffer from a data breach. This isn?t necessarily the right way to look at antivirus? ROI, though.

To determine how much ROI an antivirus solution presents for your organization, consider what it does. It eliminates or quarantines threats on your network that would otherwise multiply and spread threat influence across your network (or beyond). When businesses suffer from a data breach, the initial infection is merely the inciting event. If a threat lingers, it can potentially deal a critical amount of damage or infect multiple devices, making it even more difficult to get rid of. The costs of dealing with a data breach are no joke, as your organization could pay a ludicrous amount of capital in reparations toward those who are affected, all while trying to keep operations moving forward and paying for any breaches of compliance that may have resulted from the attack on your business.

It?s clear that in the face of a data breach, it?s critical to nip the attack in the bud before it causes more damage than it needs to. This is where antivirus solutions come in. If a threat is detected on your network, it?s immediately captured and eliminated or quarantined, limiting the scope of its influence on your infrastructure, all while limiting the amount you?ll have to pay out as a result of said breach. Paying for the solution to simply exist is much more manageable than shelling out countless dollars in the face of an attack, making antivirus all the more appealing as a preventative measure, even if it?s never used.

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