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Physical Signs
When your technology starts to grow older, you might notice some signs of physical wear and tear, even if you can?t see it immediately. You might hear your hard drive humming a little louder than you?re used to, or you might hear a fan working a bit too hard. All of this could mean that your machine isn?t doing so well, especially if there is a considerable amount of dust buildup and it?s quite old. The older your devices get, the more you should be on the lookout for these warning signs–especially if it?s a hard drive over a solid state drive.

Digital Signs
Digital signs are one of the easiest ways to identify whether your computer is suffering from some kind of issue. If a good restart doesn?t affect the issue at all, then there might be something on the digital end that?s complicating it. Check to see how your computer handles its average workload. Sometimes all it takes is opening up too many tabs in your web browser, too many software solutions being open, or frequent crashes to clue you in that something is wrong.

What You Should Do
As soon as you notice something out of the ordinary with your device, you should reach out to your business? IT resource. The issue with this is that some small businesses can?t afford on-site resources for this purpose, so critical maintenance might be ignored for too long. Downtime and data loss could occur if you wait too long to address issues with your business technology.

Therefore, we recommend that you reach out to White Mountain IT Services as soon as you think your technology might be on its way out. We can even remotely monitor your devices for operational deficiencies so you?re never surprised when your device is finished. You might even be prepared for it, too! To learn more, reach out to us at (603) 889-0800.

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