Consider These 4 Ideas for Improved Video Meetings

Crystal Clear Video and Audio

One problem with more antiquated conferencing solutions is that they didn?t guarantee the quality of the audio and video of the meetings. With so many people getting used to meeting virtually, it is important that they have the tools that allow for efficiency in a medium not known for it. White Mountain IT Services IT experts can help you get a solution that works for your needs as well as set you up with the networking specifications needed to facilitate a dynamic video conferencing platform.

Presenting Capabilities

Another big part of conducting positive virtual meetings is giving your presenters the ability to present visual aids. Nobody likes sitting around listening to people talk; even in person. Having a video conferencing solution that allows for interaction and collaboration can go a long way toward providing the positive experience you?re looking for. 


Amazing as the technology is, the video meeting can get dull pretty fast. Today?s workers are best when they are engaged. The best way to promote engagement is through interactivity. Giving the remote attendee the ability to interact with the presenter, whether that is through chat, emojis, or through audio commentary, it will help facilitate that interaction that they crave and that your team needs to not be alienated as they work from home. 

Engagement Above All Else

As cited previously, people enjoy meetings more when they are involved. When working with remote employees, presenters should do everything they can to get their audience involved in the discussion. More will be accomplished and employees will be more engaged, more driven, and produce better results if they feel they are a part of a team rather than just someone who has to check in to meetings. Get workers involved and you will get more out of them; even if they work remotely.

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