Collaboration Is a Priority For Many Businesses

Connecting Solutions
A business utilizes several different software solutions to connect your employees to each other. Some might utilize a video chat system that has built-in communication features to facilitate productivity. Others might use Dropbox or other file sharing services to ensure anyone who needs to can access files. Either way, communication between various services is needed if your business wants to innovate and make progress. Integrating solutions with APIs can give your organization the edge to get as much done as possible with your in-house and cloud-based solutions. These APIs are largely responsible for making sure that all of your technology plays nice with each other.

Collaboration Suites
More businesses than ever before are relying on software to get work done. Collaboration suites take a lot of common features and create a single access point for them. One great example of this is Slack. You can create channels for each of your different departments to collaborate and communicate with one another. Of course, this is barely scratching the surface of what?s capable of being done with collaboration suites, but it?s essentially what can be called a workplace intranet. It?s a single application that allows access to all of your most needed information, the communications your business used, and the other applications it needs to effectively complete all of its tasks and projects.

Virtual Assistants
While one could argue that interacting with a virtual assistant over real human people is less fruitful overall, virtual assistants do provide a certain level of innovation to the workplace. For example, imagine telling your phone to inform you of meeting times or events throughout the workday. Imagine setting reminders for important tasks that need to be done. Virtual assistants can allow your organization to scour emails for important information that must be addressed, set up a to-do list, and so much more, making them great for not just collaboration, but overall workplace productivity.

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