Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

No Strategy Going In

Here, we start with the move that many are guilty of: adopting a cloud-based model for the sake of adopting a cloud-based model. While there?s a lot of benefits that the cloud can offer to businesses, these benefits will only come if the cloud is utilized properly.

This means it is crucial that the business seeking to migrate to the cloud should start by establishing a reason to migrate at all. Identifying how your processes could be improved through a shift to the cloud should be the first step of that shift.

Up In the Air Costs

While the cloud can offer businesses some considerable cost savings through various means?streamlining processes, cutting administrative costs, adopting various productivity benefits?accomplishing these ends can feel expensive in and of itself.

There are numerous benefits to be had from the adoption of the cloud, assuming that it?s done with the right preparation and consideration. Otherwise, runaway costs derived from the service itself (compounded with the cost of migration, monetary risks, and training users to the new service) could easily derail your business? cost-saving intentions.

Security and Compliance Issues

Naturally, many companies balk at the idea of handing their data (in many ways, the keys to the metaphorical castle) over to an external provider. While cloud platforms are generally trustworthy, the risk that these companies face of backlash should the data they entrust to the provider be breached leads to no small amount of hesitance. 

Human Error

Finally, we come to one of the most prevalent and prolific challenges to any technological improvements to a business? processes: the employees who must make use of them. Without the knowledge of the tools that the cloud offers, or any familiarity with using them, your team may be hesitant or even resistant to using your cloud solutions. Worse, they could potentially make use of them incorrectly and thereby open your business to risk.

Working With Us Allows You to Bypass These Challenges

White Mountain IT Services is here to help. Considering our role, it should be no surprise that we are well-acquainted with today?s advanced solutions and the hoops that sometimes must be jumped through in order to use them? including cloud services. Instead of dealing with your provider, you could simply pass your needs along to us and we?ll see that they are fulfilled, supporting your team every step of the way.

To learn more about the cloud and what it is capable of doing for your business, please reach out to us by calling (603) 889-0800.

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