Businesses Need Data Backup to Manage Risk

As IT technicians that work with businesses every day, we understand that business owners and managers don?t have a lot of time to concern themselves with data backup. Despite the fact that the data is used every day, in the context of a business? operations, backup isn?t always top of mind, until something terrible happens.

The issues that can lead to losing data are numerous, and these situations can put a major strain on your business. Something as seemingly benign as a power outage can set off a series of events that could put your whole endeavor in jeopardy. Why then continue operating your business with that amount of risk, when the solution to that problem is not only simple to set up, but relatively affordable? To answer that, first you?ll need to understand why any business owner or manager responsible for the well-being of others wouldn?t consider the facts surrounding data loss. Namely, 60 percent of businesses that experience major data loss close within six months, and 94 percent close within two years. 

Those figures are in normal times. Imagine the risk you are taking today, during a global pandemic, by not backing up your company?s data. Somewhere between six-to-eight percent of computers just up and fail every year. Can your business afford to lose data from a workstation or server failure? How about a natural disaster, a malware attack, or simple mistake gone way wrong? The answer is no. Regardless of what your business? IT profile is, you have important data that you need to protect.

There are several backup strategies that work, but we believe that the BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) system is the best for the modern small business. Essentially, the BDR is a device that connects to your business? network and backs up your data incrementally. That means that after the first full backup, the BDR will only back up the changes you and your team make to the assigned data. This provides two major benefits:

  1. The backup can run more often
  2. The backup process can run while your team works

These benefits ensure that more data is protected. What?s more, the BDR also uploads a copy of that data to an offsite data center. The benefit of doing this is that if something should happen to your onsite BDR device (as can happen in a disaster), your organization?s data is backed up and available for recovery. With your business? data protected, your business is protected. It?s as simple as that.

If you would like to get started protecting your data and want to talk to one of our IT experts about White Mountain IT Services?s BDR offering, call us today at (603) 889-0800.

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