Break-Fix Basically Breaks Budgets

In the past, businesses had to tolerate unacceptable IT assistance just to say that they had it when it was needed. It was either this or invest considerable amounts of time and resources into hiring an in-house IT department, which isn?t always an option when budgeting and geographical location come into play. Simply put, your organization will always need IT support, whether you?re a small organization or a large corporation. You might think that it?s fine to just worry about your IT when issues present themselves, but preventing the issues in the first place is where the savings really start.

The traditional method of handling IT maintenance for small businesses that don?t have the time or resources to do it themselves is the ?break-fix? model, which involves only maintaining technology when a problem has presented itself. While it might save you money in the short term, it will hamper your organization?s ability to function in the long run, as critical maintenance might be put off in order to save money. Furthermore, you often lose a lot of money in the short term, as issues that pop up will result in a considerable amount of downtime. Therefore, we recommend a preventative measure that addresses minor issues as they pop up so they don?t have the opportunity to evolve into larger, more costly problems.

The alternative solution is to implement a comprehensive managed IT solution that can save your organization time and money on technology maintenance and management. Managed IT essentially turns the capital expense of maintaining technology and transforms it into an operational expense. This effectively replaces your company?s large up-front expenses with smaller, more affordable monthly payments. Even if you currently have an IT resource in the fold, having another to supplement it can be helpful for projects that need to be fulfilled.

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