Automating Network Monitoring for Best Results

The Everyday Situation
Small businesses sometimes have issues working within their constraints. More often than not, budgeting issues mean that a dedicated in-house IT department is nothing but a pipe dream. Instead, they rely on employees doing more than they are trained to do. This means that many IT-related tasks may be done incorrectly, leading to more issues than would otherwise be present.

Alternatively, small organizations that do have an in-house IT department likely generate a lot of duties that fall into that department?s purview. Countless little tasks can pile up and get in the way of critically important responsibilities, like patching and network maintenance.

How the Right Tools Can Help
Many automated management solutions are seen as most effective because their processes can be done remotely, meaning that technicians don?t have to be on-site to make sure the work gets done properly. Whether it?s scheduling updates or automating processes, these solutions can be deployed so that minimal involvement is needed on your end.

With these tools, you can also identify suspicious activity on your network. This is especially helpful to detect logins in remote locations to ensure that they aren?t coming from, say, halfway across the world. You can be alerted if someone accesses your network from a suspicious IP address.

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