4 Ways to Troubleshoot Network Performance Issues

Update Your Software
As a general rule, it?s recommended that all of your software is up-to-date. From a performance standpoint alone, running the latest software generally improves efficiency because it takes into account and fixes all known bugs that slow things down.

Additionally, up-to-date software addresses known security risks, like the latest viruses and other online threats. Many of these computer viruses have the ability to slow down your system. Therefore, having a good security solution will protect your network?s data, as well as improve performance. We know that it can be difficult to stay on top of updating to the latest versions of software, which is why we offer to do this for you remotely with our managed IT service.

Corrective Maintenance
Sometimes, your computer network experiences a hardware issue that?s so severe it will cause your system to slow down to a crawl, or even become entirely disabled. For unfortunate times like this, corrective maintenance is in order. Having to perform major fixes to your system is never fun, and it can actually be quite expensive. However, when breakdowns happen, addressing and fixing the issue is the only way to get back on track.

Corrective maintenances can be costly and burdensome, which is why we prefer to take a proactive approach to IT maintenance. With White Mountain IT Services?s managed IT service, we remotely take care of small issues with your system, before they turn into big problems. This approach minimizes IT repair bills, which will save you money in the long run.

Server Virtualization
Often times, the network problems point right back to a troublesome server unit. If the server unit giving you grief is an older model, and you happen to have another server unit that?s newer and underutilized, then server virtualization is an answer to your server woes. Essentially, this method allows you to consolidate the applications on your old unit to your new one. This allows you to get rid of your older unit entirely, which will save you significant maintenance and utility costs. Although, be warned that server over-consolidation with excessive virtual machines on a physical server can lead to deteriorating performance and system instability. This is why it?s always a good idea to have IT professionals perform such an important procedure, like the pros at White Mountain IT Services.

A Hardware Refresh
It may be the case that a hardware refresh is in order to get your network performing like it needs to. By replacing key computing components, you may be able to extend the life of your equipment, as well as give it a performance boost. Common components to seek out in a hardware refresh are CPUs, RAM, and hard disc drives.

Going with a hardware refresh can be tricky because you have to determine if a troublesome device is better off getting refreshed or replaced altogether. On one hand, you don?t want to sink money into hardware that?s a lost cause, and on the other hand, you don?t want to buy a new and expensive piece of equipment like a server unit if you can get the results you?re looking for by swapping out an inexpensive component. For a major decision like this, it?s a good move to first check with your IT consultant.

Of course, no technology is perfect and every piece of hardware will eventually fail or become obsolete. When this happens, you?re going to want a technology expert in your corner to help you select a new piece of equipment that?s right for you. White Mountain IT Services can assist you with this, along with all four of these IT maintenance practices.

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