3 Reasons to Consider a Private Cloud Solution

To get started, the private cloud is one that is hosted and maintained by your company rather than through a third-party provider. Compared to the public cloud offerings you might be more used to seeing recommended for SMBs, the private cloud has several benefits and advantages that make it a standout solution.

More Flexibility

Oftentimes companies that take advantage of public cloud services have a limited amount of flexibility in terms of services offered or rendered. This means that they don?t have as much control over the solution and how it works for them. Naturally, the private cloud offers you more advanced features that grant greater flexibility in this regard, allowing you to customize your cloud solution to your heart?s content.

Greater Security

With a public cloud infrastructure, it makes sense that your company has limited control over what the provider does to secure your data. Unfortunately, this can often come to the detriment of public cloud users who want greater security measures in place for sensitive data. If you use a private cloud, however, since you are directly in control of the hardware and software used to host the cloud, you can secure it in any way you deem necessary.

Better Compliance

As you can imagine, the limited control over security for public cloud solutions can complicate your organization?s compliance needs, especially with so many types of data now being governed by data privacy regulations. If your data is stored in-house on its own computing infrastructure, you will have more control over how you comply with these regulations, and thus be less likely to be in violation of them.

There Are No Excuses

With the advent of managed IT services, there is no longer any excuse to not, at the very least, consider a private cloud solution for your company?s needs. Managed services make the private cloud easier and more affordable than ever to take full advantage of, so why not consider it for your business? While it does, of course, depend on your organization?s specific needs and challenges, we think that a private cloud might be a potential solution for your company. We would be happy to help you make this determination with one of our comprehensive network assessments.

Furthermore, deployment and management will not be an issue, as we can take care of this for you. Our technicians are ready and capable of taking care of your technology solutions, including a potential private cloud. To learn more, reach out to us at (603) 889-0800.

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