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Choosing a data backup plan isn?t easy, especially when there are so many solutions to choose from. However, we can give you an idea of what you should look for in your data backup solution. Here are three qualities that you want to keep in mind when deciding on data backup for your business.

Versatility: Does it Work on a Number of Devices?
According to an article by VentureBeat, the business professional has multiple devices which might have corporate data stored on them, including a smartphone, desktop, laptop, and more. Your company’s network-connected devices might have data backup taken care of, but mobile devices can complicate things significantly. Therefore, it’s important to understand how many devices need to be backed up. The best practice is to ensure that any important data is stored in a centralized server that your backup solution handles.

A good assessment of your data backup needs is a great place to start investigating. White Mountain IT Services can help your business examine weak points in your current data backup solution, or if you don?t have one in place, we can give you an accurate measure of what your business needs. We can also integrate a mobile backup solution for your business if need be.

Security and Privacy: Will Your Backups Be Safe?
Security is a top concern for businesses these days, especially in light of the multiple hacks against prominent names in particular industries, like Target, Home Depot, and most recently, Sony. Businesses want only the most quality security services designed to keep their data safe from hackers. This is especially important if you deal with sensitive information, like Social Security numbers or credit cards.

White Mountain IT Services’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution (BDR) not only ensures that your company’s data is backed up, but it also protects it with comprehensive security solutions designed to keep prying eyes away from it. Additionally, we?ll monitor the backups and make sure they work when you need them most. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safely backed up and ready to go in the event of an emergency.

Rapid Recovery: How Quickly Can You Return to Operations?
A data backup which doesn?t allow for quick and efficient data recovery isn?t a gamble your business should invest in. You want a solution which is consistent and able to get your business back up and running with minimal downtime. As any business owner knows, the sting felt by extended downtime can put a damper on both your day and your budget.

White Mountain IT Services offers an enterprise-level backup solution which can act as your server in the event of an unexpected crash. This device allows your business to return to operations within minutes of a disaster, drastically decreasing potential downtime.

By keeping these three qualities in mind, you?ll be able to find the right backup solution for your business. White Mountain IT Services’s BDR solution is scalable and designed to fit your specific needs, making it a fail-safe choice for any small or medium-sized business looking to take advantage of an enterprise-level solution. Just give us a call at (603) 889-0800.

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