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Achieve a Stable Internet Connection
As is the case with most online technology, your business needs a strong Internet connection to ensure that your systems remain online as much as possible. If your Internet connection is shaky at best, your calls could drop while you?re in the middle of important business. In general, downtime makes things difficult, especially if it means a lack of communication. CyberTrend explains:

If you?ve ever been on a VoIP call and heard the other person’s voice cutting out, then you?ve experienced jitter, which is due to occasional packet loss. Other issues, such as echo and delay, also impact the quality of a VoIP call and are often caused by network-related issues.

Therefore, your business needs to ensure that your Internet connection can handle the amount of traffic that’s expected. You need to work with your Internet service provider to make sure that your connection is as secure and stable as possible. White Mountain IT Services can help you understand exactly what your business needs in order to ensure stability.

Make Sure Your Network Can Handle It
As a business grows, so too does the amount of traffic that a network experiences. What worked for your company when you were just a small startup might not work now that you have more employees, more technology, and more responsibilities. Older networks, especially those that have an increased workload, might no longer be effective for use with VoIP technologies without some retooling. In general, any amount of activity on an aging network infrastructure could be directly affecting your ability to get work done in a timely and efficient manner. CyberTrend explains:

If you run your VoIP system in-house over your own network and encounter performance issues, then it’s possible your current network was set up ?using older assumptions,? says Dan Conde, Enterprise Strategy Group analyst. ?When your network was built,? he says, ?you perhaps only had regular landline phones and were not set up properly for VoIP.?

The best way to ensure that your business’s network is ideal for use with Voice over Internet Protocol technology is to contact White Mountain IT Services. Our professional technicians can analyze your business’s network infrastructure for any choke points that might be affecting the way that your data and information is deployed. We can also help you shore up any weak points in your network, making it optimal for VoIP communication and so much more.

When it comes to troubleshooting your VoIP solution, or simply implementing a new VoIP solution for your business, there is no better choice than to contact White Mountain IT Services. Our trusted technicians can test your network to find out if it’s ready and capable of handling VoIP, and we can offer assistance with both the preparation and implementation of your new communications solution.


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