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You Can’t Afford to Overlook These 3 Benefits of Server Hosting

You Can’t Afford to Overlook These 3 Benefits of Server Hosting

Every business from any industry probably has servers that hold important and sensitive data. However, not all organizations have the assets and skills necessary to manage and maintain these complex pieces of hardware. In particular, small businesses struggle with this aspect of running an in-house server, but there’s another option--an outsourced server hosting service from a third-party provider.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your server hosting in our cloud, and why it’s important to consider.

Server Hosting Means Less Responsibility
Hosting a server on-site means that it’s your responsibility to manage and maintain it. If you don’t have the technical know-how, or the time and resources dedicated to your server’s upkeep, you could be risking more than you know. An unexpected downtime incident could result in hefty maintenance or replacement fees, and that’s not mentioning the amount you’ve spent on wasted time.

When you outsource the management of your servers to a third party, your business doesn’t have to worry about any maintenance. The service provider takes care of your server’s upkeep for you, which frees up more time so you can focus on your business.

Server Hosting is Less Expensive and More Efficient
When you host a server on-site, you’re paying for all of the utilities associated with it. Server units aren’t necessarily resource-friendly machines. They eat up a ton of electricity and often require air conditioning to ensure that overheating doesn’t become a problem. All of these costs add up, and when you consider that maintenance costs also figure into the equation, hosting your own server seems like it comes with a clear cost difference compared to outsourcing.

When you outsource your servers to managed service providers, we can do either one of two things; we can help you host it on-site, or we can host it in the cloud so that your employees can access the applications and data stored within through a cloud connection.

Server Hosting Means More Options
One of the major problems associated with server management comes from the fact that you need to be intimately aware of which apps work with certain server operating systems. This often makes it difficult to upgrade to a new operating system without first taking into account what type of legacy software you’re using.

Hosted servers are often virtualized and can run instances of various server operating systems for use with all sorts of applications. This makes it so that your organization has to worry less about the problems associated with server management.

If your business needs assistance with server management and hosting, feel free to reach out to us at 603-889-0800.

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