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The Advantages of Hosted Email are Significant For SMBs

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_email_400.jpgEmail is a critical component of your business’s IT infrastructure, and without it, your organization’s operations could grind to a halt. As a valuable communications medium, email helps your team stay productive and up-to-speed on the latest initiatives. This is the main reason why you want your email to have minimal downtime, but managing and maintaining an email server on your own can be challenging and difficult, at best.

One of the best ways to dodge these problems is by having your email hosted off-site by a managed service provider like White Mountain IT Services. Doing so affords your business plenty of benefits, and helps to free your business from the pains of maintaining your own technology solutions.

What We Mean by Hosted Email
Email hosting as a service is a great way for businesses to save money and to keep operations moving without comprehensive management on their part. In essence, your email server is hosted off-site in a secure data center and is managed and maintained by our professional IT technicians. The best part of a hosted email solution is that it’s crafted to your business’s specific needs, rather than it being an “out of the box” solution. This means that you’ll have to spend less time making it work for you because it already does work for you.

The Benefits of Hosted Email
Your business can gain a significant advantage by outsourcing the management of your email server to White Mountain IT Services. Here are three benefits of hosted email:

  • Less time spent on maintenance and management: The most notable benefit is that your business no longer has to worry about keeping your email server operating properly. Since this responsibility is being handled by an external party, you’re free to use the time and resources on other initiatives that are more immediate and pressing.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Another huge benefit of hosted email is that it’s scalable to suit the specific needs of your business. Not all organizations have the same needs, and as such, some will require less intensive email solutions. On the other hand, other organizations will need expansive and flexible solutions that are capable of adding users easily. Our hosted email solution has enough flexibility to fit into any business’s budget.
  • Security and redundancy: Your business’s email is an important part of your IT infrastructure, and as such, hackers will try to take advantage of it in order to compromise your network. Spam campaigns and phishing emails are common occurrences that can break your infrastructure if left unchecked. Having your email hosted in a secure data center means that you’ll be less likely to experience hacking attacks. Plus, we also offer a comprehensive spam blocking solution which is designed to provide enterprise-level security to your network.

White Mountain IT Services can help your business fully leverage not only email hosting, but also many other communications solutions. To learn more about hosted email, give us a call at 603-889-0800.

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