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Telecom Tips from our friends at PHD Communications

Telecom Tips from our friends at PHD Communications
Allworx-The most widely sold VoIP telephone system under 100 extensions in the United States.

The Allworx Phone Systems Features That Benefit Small Businesses in Big Ways
Enterprise software and services are often priced out of reach of small business budgets. Solutions like business phone systems are also developed for big enterprises. Are you a small business owner that needs a phone system with enterprise features that works for your budget and needs? Allworx phone systems are developed with small business needs in mind and have all the features you want. The Allworx business phone system features that will benefit your small business include:

Accessible Pricing for Small Businesses That Want Enterprise-Grade Solutions: Enterprise phone systems are often designed to meet the needs of large firms and often have a price that is out of reach for many small business owners. With Allworx, small business owners have access to enterprise-grade services that are affordable, and easy to use.

Mobile Integration with Allworx Verge for Small Business Workforce: Today, small businesses often have mobile or telecommute workforces. Allworx offers small business an enterprise solution to integrate mobile devices into phone systems with Verge. The Allworx Verge feature will allow you to:
  • Receive, Forward, and Hold Calls-Managing calls on the go can be challenging. With the mobile app, you will be able to direct calls to where they need to go.
  • Organize Contact Lists in System Directory and Mobile Devices-Finding contacts from your mobile device when you need them is often frustrating. With the Allworx mobile app, you will be able to access contacts from your business phone system or the contacts on your phone. You can also organize contacts in lists for easier access to contacts when you need to make calls.
  • Integration with Any Mobile Device-It can be frustrating to have to take calls on your phone when you are using another device like a tablet. Allworx mobile app is compatible with IoS and Droid devices, so you will be able to take calls on any device you are using.
  • Set Status and Route Calls Accordingly-You may be in a meeting or emergency where you cannot take calls. Use the mobile app to set your status as 'away' and set calls to automatically be directed according to the status you have set. Priority calls can override restrictions.
With Verge, business phone systems are mobile and allow businesses to access all the features.

Call Center Distribution to Management Developed for Small Business Needs: Call distribution is important in a busy office. With Allworx automatic call distribution, calls get to where they need to go and ensure that important calls are received by the right department. Some of the features of automatic call distribution include:
  • Linear, Circular, Longest Idle or Ring All Distribution-Different businesses need to manage calls in different ways. The automatic call distribution allows you to choose the priority of calls and the manner they are distributed.
  • Queue Management-With automatic call distribution, you will be able to manage queues to ensure calls go to the right person and are answered in a timely manner.
  • Call Monitoring and Notifications-Small businesses that receive a large volume of calls need to be able to manage them efficiently. With Allworx, calls can be monitored and you can receive alerts for additional calls in queue.
Automatic call distribution is an affordable call center solution to meet the needs of growing small business. It helps you to manage incoming calls to your business more efficiently.

Performance Tracking, Security and Analytics to Better Manage Business: Allworx also has several features that help you manage your business phone systems. With performance tracking, security, and analytics features, it is easier to manage phone systems. The administrative features that Allworx features include:
  • Analytics and Activity Reports-Allworx gives you data for your phone system performance. You can look at different metrics like incoming and outgoing calls or performance of employees that answer phones.
  • Security and Backup-Security is important for your business, and like other systems, your business phone system needs to be safe. Allworx gives you the ability to set user permission levels, protect data and backup systems.
  • Web Dashboard for Accessibility-Getting data to manage your business effectively is important, and the web dashboard gives you easy access with any web browser on computers or mobile devices.
  • Performance Tracking-Through the web interface, you will be able to track performance of phone systems. You can create reports and send them in email or export them to PDF or CVS formats.
With better information, small businesses are able to make decisions that improve productivity. Business phone system data with the web dashboard give you the tools you need to make deci
sions for your business.

Manage Calls More Efficiently with PC Using Allworx Interact Professional: Today, small business offices are full of workstations where the modern workforces get work done. It only makes sense to integrate communications into workstations. Allworx professional is a simple PC interface for your business phone systems. The PC interface gives your business the tools that include:
  • Customizable Interface-The PC interface allows you to customize windows for your needs, and manage calls without sacrificing quality.
  • Integration with Other Apps and Services-The business phone system is only one of the tools businesses use. Integration of CRM, Inventory and other services is simple with the click of the mouse.
  • Monitor and Record Calls-With the PC interface, calls can easily be monitored. You can record a group or an individual to monitor performance and quality of calls.
Using PC interface helps to manage calls more efficiently and meet needs of your business, such as integration with CRM and other software.

Small businesses need modern enterprise-grade phone systems to meet their needs. Allworx provides you with a complete solution to manage business phone systems more efficiently and improve productivity in your office. Contact us for more information about the business phone systems, and finding the right solution for your budget and needs

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