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How to Talk Tech with People That Don’t Know About IT

How to Talk Tech with People That Don’t Know About IT

Businesses are looking to technology more than ever in a constant attempt to improve productivity and efficiency. One problem that some businesses face is that their staff isn’t exactly technologically savvy, making them difficult to communicate with about technical concepts. This month, we aim to help you do a better job of communicating with those workers who don’t know much about technology.

Don’t Assume They Understand

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is talking to you and you don’t understand most of what they are saying, but you smile and nod like you understand everything that they are talking about? Well, you would be surprised to find out how many people do that about the technology that your business uses (or technology in general). Just because people don’t speak up and admit to not understanding something, doesn’t mean that they do.

Start with Fundamentals 

The best way to learn about anything is to understand the basics of the subject. Technology is a very personal part of people’s lives and while most of your staff will be able to follow along just fine, the small amount that aren’t would do better if they understood the fundamentals of what you are talking about.

Stay Local

Getting people to relate with what you are saying is a big part of getting them to care about your message. When it comes to business technology, you don’t need to educate these people on the history of the technology or how it relates to other people’s jobs. You just need to communicate how the technology relates to their responsibilities and what steps they need to be aware of to do their job properly. Going outside of a non-techie’s responsibilities is a great way to lose them completely. 

Don’t Judge

People don’t ever want to come off as dim, and many people will act negatively if someone makes them feel that way. The technical nature of IT carries with it a lot of information that even people who understand technology can’t follow. Everyone has their own area of expertise, and to best relate with a technologically-challenged individual, you should remind them that they know plenty that you don’t know.

The truth is that more people struggle with technology than excel at it. If you would like some help finding a training regimen that will help your business explain its technology better to the people that depend on it, call White Mountain IT Services today at 603-889-0800.

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