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Cloud Storage Has a Lot of Benefits

Cloud Storage Has a Lot of Benefits

With cloud storage so affordable and accessible, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth investing in it compared to larger-capacity hard disk drives. Which one is more ideal for your company’s needs? You have options, after all, and it’s important to consider them all before committing to a solution. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each, specifically focusing on the business model for both.

The Big Difference

The biggest difference between on-site hard drives and cloud computing is that hard drives are connected to your central infrastructure. Many companies find they prefer to have direct control and access to their data storage by hosting it on-site, and this has the added benefit of your IT department having quick and immediate access to the infrastructure in the event the drives are rendered inoperable. Of course, this also means that businesses using on-site storage have to maintain and manage it themselves, which translates to additional utility costs, salaries for technicians, and storage space. This is all before you include the data backup itself.

Using the cloud gives your business the ability to skirt around some of these challenges and allow the provider to handle some of the heavy lifting. In exchange, you get anytime, anywhere access to your files through an Internet connection and the ability to scale according to your business’ current and future needs. You don’t have to purchase expensive hardware, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it or backing it all up, either.

The Benefits of On-Site Data Storage

There are a number of benefits to hosting your data storage on-site, the first being that you know exactly how it’s managed. You have complete and total control over your data, whether it’s sensitive personal data, intellectual property, or client information. You’ll be able to address compliance without any issue, and you’ll be able to access data stored on your in-house network without access to an Internet connection–an aspect of data storage in which cloud computing disappointingly falls short.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

When it comes to cost, the benefits of cloud storage are superior. You won’t have to purchase hardware, as that can contribute to higher costs and subpar utilization of that investment. With the cloud, you pay for what you need and the ability to scale up or down accordingly. The cost of management and maintenance is also wrapped up in the fees you pay for cloud-based storage, and you won’t be responsible for either of these time-consuming and expensive tasks. It also gives your company the ability to share data easily, making a distributed workforce possible.

While both methods of data storage have their detriments, they also have their benefits, and it’s your responsibility as a business owner to make the decision that is best for your organization. Whether or not you have the staff to manage internal data storage systems will influence your decision. For example, if you don’t have in-house technicians to handle the management and maintenance of your infrastructure, then a cloud-based solution might be best for your particular needs. If you do have the resources to manage your in-house network, however, then an internal infrastructure becomes a valid option.

Even if you do opt for the in-house data storage option, you can still leverage the cloud in other beneficial ways, like with Software as a Service offerings to provide additional tools for your team in a less high-stakes manner. For important and sensitive data, however, an in-house solution will always be the superior option. If flexibility or cost is an issue, though, the cloud can be a great way to store and access data, provided it’s set up properly and securely.

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