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“95 as in 1995?” Watch Today’s Teenagers React to Windows 95

teens confused windows 95 400Windows 95 changed the way that consumers saw personal computing, and it heavily influenced future versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Over twenty years later, you can expect to see significant changes and improvements, to the point where those who weren’t exposed to older technology don’t have any clue what it is. Nowhere is this more painfully true than watching how teens react to Windows 95.

You can watch the video here.

Considering how these teens weren’t even born when the operating system was released, it’s no surprise that they have no clue what they’re looking at. When it’s said that they’re looking at Windows 95, they remark that it looks “prehistoric,” “dull,” and even “ancient.” Some of the older teens, on the other hand, are more appreciative of the legacy that Windows 95 started, despite agreeing that in its infancy, the Windows operating system was a bit on the primitive side compared to today’s modern tech environment.

Here are some observations from this video:

  • They don’t know how to turn it on. Many of the teens didn’t know how to turn the PC on and off. They were immediately drawn to the large power button on the CRT monitor, and it took them quite a while to figure out how to turn the main component on.
  • Windows today is more refined than it was in 1995. Several of the teens in the video notice how Windows 95 is a bit on the unrefined side. This is simply due to the fact that Windows 95 was one of the first Windows operating systems, and has since become more polished. The teens mention that Windows 95 has a similar interface compared to what they’ve been working with, sporting familiar features like Internet Explorer, the Recycle Bin, and the Start menu.
  • Not having WiFi is like a crime. When they open up Internet Explorer, the teens immediately notice that there’s no WiFi. They are in complete and total shock that it doesn’t have wireless Internet. If you think about it, it’s a perfectly natural response. These teens have had wireless Internet for their entire lives. They never knew the days of dial-up web connection. It just goes to show that convenience is a major player in the modern tech environment, and that the biggest cause for concern with new technology is that it might be unavailable while offline.
  • Today’s tech is easier to use by the consumer. At one point, the video’s narrator discusses how DOS systems work. The teens are completely dumbfounded by how complicated the process of issuing commands and prompts to the machine sounds. One of the girls makes a solid observation: “If users of consumer technology, like iPhones or iPads, had to enter in commands to open apps, nobody would use them.” Technology has grown with the end-user in mind, with easy-to-use technology being the most popular with the general populace.

Isn’t it insane to think about how far technology has progressed in just twenty short years? Where will technology be decades from now? Do you have any fond memories of Windows 95? Let us know in the comments.

Bonus Tip
See how your friends react to Windows 95 by opening this link on their browser:

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