What are You Doing for Your Employees’ Health in the Office?

What are You Doing for Your Employees’ Health in the Office?

The past few years have made many people understandably antsy about their health and spending extended amounts of time around other people—which can make coming into the office a very, very stressful experience for some. How can you make your office a healthier place so your team can feel a little more secure as they work?

With today’s technology, there are a few ways available to you. Let’s briefly review them.

How Can I Protect My Employees’ Health in the Workplace?

Depending on how your workplace processes are shaped, you have a few options that the right IT can facilitate for you. First, and perhaps most obviously, comes the prospect of having fewer people in the workplace at a time.

Take Advantage of Remote/Hybrid Work Policies

It's a relatively simple probability function: the fewer people that are present in the office at any given time, the less likely it will be that one of them is carrying some germ or virus. Taking advantage of today’s technology to facilitate remote or hybrid work makes it far easier for your employees to continue working productively and safely.

This will require you to obtain the technology necessary to enable remote and hybrid work, as well as develop workplace policies that reflect these options.

Reconsider Your Workspace Furniture

As our understanding of human physiology has advanced, so has our view of how we should be spending our time working. Sitting has been viewed as the new smoking, with extended time spent seated associated with increased chances of a heart attack. Standing and convertible desks help to keep employees out of their chairs more throughout the day. Other options include holding walking meetings whenever possible and otherwise moving around more whenever able.

Don’t Forget About Mental Health Needs, Too

Mental health is a significant aspect of overall health, so it is important that you put safeguards and other preventative measures in place to protect that of your employees. One way to do so: encourage a healthy work/life balance by giving them a positive office environment to operate in and providing the support your employees need. Seeking out feedback on how to support your team members more effectively is a great start.

Healthy and Safe Employees are Productive Employees

It truly is in your best interests to take care of your team, both in terms of their physical well-being and otherwise. We’ll take care of the IT they use during their day-to-day responsibilities. Give us a call at 603-889-0800 to learn more about our managed IT services.

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