Patience is a Virtue…Especially Amongst Your Team, Part 2

Patience is a Virtue…Especially Amongst Your Team, Part 2

Our blog last week covered how patience is an important part of the most successful and productive employees’ arsenal. This week, we want to cover how you can help your employees be more patient. If you know someone in your office who could take things down a notch, this is just the blog for you with four suggestions that might do the trick.

Put a Name to It: Impatience

Before you can fix anything, you have to admit that there is something that needs fixing. Sometimes individuals might let their emotions do the talking rather than the rational parts of their brain, and this can cause a lot of friction in the workplace. It’s important to take a step back and realize when you are losing patience and what is triggering it. Whether it’s a looming deadline or a coworker’s incessant questioning, you’ll now have knowledge you can use to address the issue in a healthier way.

Adjust Your Outlook

It might feel like it’s you versus the world, but this is far from the truth. Once you realize that it’s nothing worth fretting over, you can go back to work with your productivity unhindered. Stressing over something is not going to affect the outcome in a positive way, so you’re better off realigning your thoughts with a more positive outlook. This will make you more receptive to collaboration and put you in a much better mood in general.

Listen Before You Act

Not everything requires a strong reaction. Be sure to take in what is actually being said before you respond; otherwise you could very well overreact for no good reason. A little patience is enough to save you from making assumptions and foolish decisions, so slow down for a moment and make sure you understand the situation before you say anything.

Address Stress Management Issues

Stress is often at the core of overreacting, so if you find yourself losing patience with yourself or others, there is a very real chance that you have a lot of stress without an adequate or healthy outlet. If you think you might be in danger of overreacting, you should consider removing yourself from the stressful situation before you respond to take a few moments and collect yourself. If you can find a healthy and productive way to cope with your stressors, you’ll be less likely to let them rule you.

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