Is Your Business Being Held Back By All Those Meetings? Research Says Yes

Is Your Business Being Held Back By All Those Meetings? Research Says Yes

Meetings are a common hold-up for getting things done in the office, an idea that is certainly not unfounded. Research supports the premise that meetings impact productivity. Let’s consider what the numbers say and how you can work to ensure meetings don’t influence your company’s productivity in a negative way.

Meetings Do, In Fact, Waste Valuable Time

In a report by Asana titled The Anatomy of Work Global Index 2023, which examined ways to improve collaboration in the workplace, meetings were a notable topic of discussion. The report suggests that meetings are a primary culprit of wasted time in business, and they should be reexamined to improve operations.

Does This Sound Familiar?

The Anatomy of Work found that unnecessary meetings consume 2.8 hours of work each week for the average knowledge worker, and those in leadership roles spend an average of 3.6 per week in unnecessary meetings. Furthermore, those in leadership roles are 30% more likely to miss deadlines because they simply have too many meetings and calls on their schedules. Clearly unnecessary meetings are a problem—an idea supported throughout the report.

Other information in the report suggests similar numbers. For example, “work about work” consumes 58% of the workday. When you compare this to time dedicated to skilled work (33%) and the time dedicated to strategic work (9%), you have a real problem on your hands.

What Does the Report Suggest?

Asana does provide some guidance on how to resolve this issue: “Focus on smart collaboration. Look for ways to streamline processes, not add more meetings.” Basically, you get more intentional work done when you’re not wasting time in unneeded meetings.

How Your Business Can Collaborate More Effectively

Asana has outlined some ways for “how leaders can turn data into action,” including the bit above about collaboration. They also provide other important tips that you can use to get more done, including the following:

Providing Shared Goals and Objectives

The biggest misconception about collaboration is that it has to be something that is accomplished with others in tandem. Two people can collaborate and communicate without being in the same physical or virtual space, though. The synchronous methods of communication and collaboration are well and good for when it is needed, but asynchronous methods are just as helpful, if not more so.

Let Us Help With Your Collaboration Efforts

White Mountain IT Services can help your business implement collaboration tools to aid both in and out of the conference room. You’ll find your meetings are much more efficient. To learn more, call us today at 603-889-0800.

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