Are Your Apps Broadcasting Your Exact Location?

Are Your Apps Broadcasting Your Exact Location?

Mobile devices have become a key part of our daily lives, to the point that many of us openly feel undressed without our phones. As a result, our phones go everywhere with us. However, it’s important to remember that some applications have requested access to our location information. Do all of these apps need to know precisely where we are?

No, not likely, and it’s important that we acknowledge what we are doing when we give these applications this kind of carte blanche access to specific location data.

How Precisely Do Your Apps Need to Know Your Location?

That all depends, primarily on what the purpose is. For instance, your map application of choice will only be effective if it can tell you where you are and where you are going, and how far away that is. This means it needs to know your precise location.

Can you say the same for your other applications, like your social media platforms, your shopping apps, or the apps that really have no need to know your location, but request access to it anyways?

(The answer is a resounding no, by the way.)

 This is what puts your privacy potentially at risk.

How to Control How Precisely Your Apps Can Track Your Location

Adjusting Location Permissions in Android:

Find the application you wish to adjust your privacy settings in, and tap and hold it to pull up the app menu. Access App Info > Permissions > All Permissions. Find Location and check that Approximate location is enabled and Precise location is disabled.

Adjusting Location Permissions in iOS:

Access your Settings, and from there, access Privacy > Location Services. From there, check that the Precise Location option is switched off.

Your Data is Valuable… Don’t Overshare It

It’s important that you keep your data safe, even from the services you rely on every day. We strongly recommend you go through your applications and review the permissions you’ve provided to them, adjusting them as needed.

White Mountain IT Services can similarly help you protect your business’ data through our managed services and proactive monitoring. Find out more by giving us a call at 603-889-0800.

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