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The majority of network infections and data breaches are caused by a combination of poorly protected and managed systems, and dangerous online behavior. 

Many companies have made investments in the latest network security and management services, but have left huge gaps in the area of user awareness and education.  Protection systems can sometimes be bypassed by careless users who inadvertently share data or accidentally install software that is designed to circumvent or defeat these systems.

We believe that in addition to implementing the latest and most advanced security tools and systems, businesses need to commit to ongoing education to be sure users are aware of the latest cyber threats and attacks, and know how to be safe online.

We shouldn't blame the users for causing or allowing a machine to become infected, if we don't also provide the educational tools to show how exploits are designed to trick users and how to make sure they don't fall victim and put your business at risk.

Education and awareness, network security is EVERYONE'S responsibility.

Does your business take data and cyber security seriously?  Do you encourage and promote security awareness and safe computing practices?  Get the conversation started with our FREE Cyber Security Toolkit.

We have compiled a series of free downloads and links that include educational tools such as:

  • Security awareness posters.  Hang these in the lunch room and rotate them throughout the year, keep security on peoples mind everyday.
  • Educational videos. Many users don't really understand the role that they play in keeping your network safe, or NOT SO SAFE.
  • Whitepapers, handouts and info graphics. More tools to use at company meetings and training sessions.
  • Links for free software and tools to keep your users home computers and mobile devices safe.
  • General tips and guidelines for safe computing best practices.

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Before we dive into this week’s tip, it has to be said: if you have a choice, you should probably avoid using a public computer. As a rule, these machines feature minimal security precautions, along with maximum risk to any data accessed by the PC. A...

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FREE Cyber Security Toolkit includes Whitepapers, Tools and More!



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