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Why Professional Service Providers Find Managed IT To Be The Right Choice

Why Professional Service Providers Find Managed IT To Be The Right Choice

Despite the industries that can be classified as “professional services” being widely varied, many of them could find substantial benefits in enlisting support from a managed service provider. Let’s examine a few of the solutions that an MSP offers, and how these solutions could help a business achieve more during the workday.

If Security Isn’t Top-of-Mind, It Should Be
It is no longer any secret that data security is a crucial consideration for any business, big or small. Whether its financial information, personally identifiable information, or any other kind of data that a business might accumulate, it has value to a cybercriminal and therefore needs to be protected.

An MSP like White Mountain IT Services is well aware of the risk of cyber threats, and so will have the solutions to help protect your business from them. Whether they assist you in properly configuring a firewall or monitor your solutions for any indication that something is out of place, your MSP can help maintain your security solutions and ensure that anything that slips past them is detected and resolved as quickly as possible.

With a managed IT approach, business owners can worry less about their business’ security-- and more about running their business--because the responsibility of ensuring the business network is secure falls to the MSP.

Is The Continuity Of Your Business Ensured?
Sure, securing a business against online threats is all well and good, but what about the other factors that threaten a business’ survival? Factors like natural events--storms, tremors, floods, fires...all of these events can put a business in jeopardy. Additionally, once the event has passed, a business will need to be sure they can still access their critical files or the business will die a painful death.

White Mountain IT Services has the solutions to keep this from happening as well. With a focus on both backup and disaster recovery, a business can be sure that their data is safe from hazardous events and weather conditions. We make sure a backup is taken at regular intervals throughout the workday, ensuring minimal productivity loss if something were to happen, and we store that data in multiple locations to help keep the disaster from wiping out both data and backup. A company can even access and work from their data directly from their backup until it can be restored to their new location.

Regular Reporting To Keep You Up-To-Speed
While in business, it is ideal to know just where your business stands. White Mountain IT Services’s reporting can help you do just that. Whether it helps you keep track of your inventory or helps you ensure that your systems are all protected, our comprehensive reports will allow you to track your company’s progression and status.

Keeping Your Business Compliant
Depending on your industry, you may be beholden to assorted regulations and compliances meant to preserve your employees’, your clients’/customers’, and your own safety and security. A managed IT approach from White Mountain IT Services can help you to be sure that your IT is in line with these regulations and compliance measures, allowing you to focus on improving your business in other ways.

White Mountain IT Services is always here to help you improve your IT. Give us a call at 603-889-0800 to discuss the solutions we can offer you.

With the surge in the number of small and medium businesses that have fallen prey to malware and cyber criminals, there is a lot of focus of what an organization can do to prevent being a victim and how the company should handle themselves after an attack. There is another key factor to preventing cyber criminals from penetrating into your network:...

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