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Why it’s Worth it to Ditch the Desktops

Why it’s Worth it to Ditch the Desktops

Is there any good reason to use desktops in your office? While many businesses still utilize workstations, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the advantages afforded by mobile technology should make desktops obsolete, especially in light of a recent study.

The study, performed by Digital Strategy Consulting, found that mobile technology, like mobile devices and apps, boost worker productivity by a whopping 34 percent! This is a huge number that any growth-minded business can’t afford to ignore.

Consider for a moment the math behind a 34 percent increase in worker productivity. For the average office worker, this translates to a gain of 240 hours of work per year. If you switch just a few employees from desktops to mobile devices, then it’s essentially like you’re adding a new full-time staff member--and at significantly lower cost than what it would take to hire and onboard new talent. For business owners who are only clinging to desktops due to the perceived cost savings of not having to upgrade just yet, it should be painfully obvious that this money-saving strategy no longer applies.

In fact, thinking along these lines, it stands to reason that a business owner is actually losing money by not switching to mobile devices right now. Essentially, any time that a worker spends chained to their desk by their PC equates to them being 34 percent less productive than they could be. Therefore, even if you’re holding on to a fleet of desktops simply because they’re already paid for and they seem to be in good working order, the productivity you’re missing out on by using them will quickly add up and make these machines more costly to keep around than what they’re worth.

To take this hard look at the advantages of mobile technology even further, consider the fact that younger workers, namely Millennials, prefer using mobile technologies, and they’re skilled at it. Next, consider the fact that by 2025, Millennials are set to make up three quarters of the workforce. This means two things: 1) that if you have an affinity for desktops, it’s a preference that soon won’t be shared by the vast majority of the workforce, and 2) going mobile now, will reap major productivity dividends in the future.

If you’re now convinced that switching from desktops to mobile technologies is the way to go, then call White Mountain IT Services at 603-889-0800 for assistance. Due to the complexities and security concerns of “going mobile,” you’re going to want to have a secure plan in place to help ease the transition--one that covers your needs and protects your business from mobile threats. Helping your business in this way is a task that White Mountain IT Services is well equipped for. Call us today and don’t lose another day of productivity due to desktops!

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