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Lean on Your Staff When Upgrading Technology

Lean on Your Staff When Upgrading Technology

Sometimes a business focuses too much on what they think they need without asking for the opinions of the ones actually responsible for utilizing it--the end user. Implementing a new technology solution in this way is like asking a client what their favorite ice cream is, then giving them the one you think it should be. In terms of your company’s IT, productivity can go a long way if you just take a moment to listen to your organization’s employees.

To this end, consider your employees to be “customers.” You should aim to give them the tools they need while staying true to the customer service mindset.

Methods of Data Collection

In other words, we’re suggesting that you take a deep dive into your business’ operations through a variety of mediums to best determine which processes can be improved through the implementation of technology. This involves a couple of different methods that you can use to collect data about your business’ operations:

  • Employee surveys: Administer anonymous surveys to discover ways certain teams might be able to be more effective at their jobs.
  • Data analysis: Look to see which tasks are taking longer than usual and why. If it’s an internal issue that can be resolved through implementing a service or solution, then look into your options.
  • Face-to-face discussions: Hold a meeting to discuss in-person what each department needs and how to help them get there.

Ask Them What They Need

Nobody knows your employees’ jobs like your employees. If they say that they need something to do their jobs more effectively, you should do your due diligence and investigate what implementing the solution would mean for their effectiveness. Besides, opening up this direct line of communication with employees has a lot of benefits that might not seem clear in the moment. For one, it makes you accessible, meaning that they don’t have to see you as someone they have no hope of reaching. Another is that it shows you care about their work and making it better or more efficient, which can go a long way toward improving trust and transparency in-house.

Respond Promptly, but Not Without Consideration

Employees appreciate when their words are responded to promptly, but you should never react to what they ask for without first consulting your budget and organizational goals. It’s one thing to hear about issues regarding your workflows, but another entirely to actually act on them. Remember that every solution your business chooses to implement should be able to benefit your company’s bottom line. In other words, if it helps you either increase revenue or decrease operational costs, you can bet that it’s at least worth a shot--especially if it’s as easy to implement as a cloud-based application that can be utilized as a service.

Remember, your job as a business owner is to listen to the issues that your employees are having and make it so that they can do their jobs in a more efficient manner. When they have all they need to be successful in their responsibilities, your organization benefits with higher quality of work completed or services rendered. To learn more about how your organization can take a more consumer-based mindset when dealing with your employees and technology, including ease-of-use and accessibility, reach out to us at 603-889-0800.

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