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4 Pieces of Office Equipment That You Don’t Need to Replace

b2ap3_thumbnail_halt_do_not_fret_400.jpgThe IT landscape has changed so dramatically over the past decade that businesses need to stop and consider the latest solutions before cycling out their old IT equipment. In the past, when it came time to replace office technology, one would simply run down a standard list of IT equipment. Now, much of this standard equipment is no longer necessary.

Server Unit
The fact that server units are now deemed optional is a testimony to how much cloud computing has changed things. With cloud-based Software as a Service, no longer do companies have to purchase and maintain bulky server units. Instead, all company files can be securely stored and accessed over the cloud. Additionally, virtually every software your business needs can be accessed and run over the cloud. Before you begin your shopping adventure for a new server unit, be sure to thoroughly consider your cloud computing options.

Phone System
If your office has a reliable Internet connection, then you’ve got what it takes to make the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Businesses looking to expand their office and run new phone lines to every desk will especially want to consider VoIP. In addition to being able to utilize the Internet connection for phone calls (this includes a wireless connection), companies will see significant savings on their monthly phone bill by switching to VoIP. In fact, the savings your business can experience by switching to VoIP are significant enough that you shouldn’t wait until it’s time to expand your office to make the switch. Depending on your needs, you can also host your VoIP system in the cloud. Call White Mountain IT Services at 603-889-0800 to start saving with VoIP as soon as possible.

If you’ve replaced your server units with cloud services and upgraded your phone systems to VoIP, then the next piece of office equipment that can go is the trusty workstation. It’s difficult to imagine a work environment without a workstation bolted down to the desk, but thanks to the impressive advancements in mobile technology, it’s now entirely possible and even affordable. Devices like laptops and high-end tablets can handle virtually any office productivity program. Plus, your staff will enjoy the freedom of going mobile, which will improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Another more cost-effective alternative to workstations and mobile devices is the slim-line or thin clients, which draw most of their processing power from a centralized virtual server. These low-cost devices are simple to add or swap out compared to traditional desktops.

Fax Machine
We can’t talk about obsolete technology without taking a shot at the fax machine. Despite the fact that it’s been obsolete since the last millennia, you will still find it in the corner of modern offices churning out paper invoices. The best replacement for a business fax machine is a hosted fax server solution from White Mountain IT Services. A fax server solution handles all fax traffic on your network and allows faxes to be sent and received straight from your email inbox. Implementing a new fax server solution will allow you to toss your old fax machine in the trash. This will free up table space in your office that you can use for more profitable equipment, like a fern.

Transitioning your company away from these four pieces of technology will modernize your office and give your business the competitive edge. To take advantage of these modern solutions, give White Mountain IT Services a call at 603-889-0800.

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