OK, I have a dispute with my current IT provider, can you help me lock them out?

The short answer is YES, we can help protect your business.

It is very rare that an outside vendor or employee would ever intentionally cause your business harm or disruption, but we understand that it is your job to protect the businesses and minimize risk.  As the adage goes, "It's better to be safe than sorry."

If you feel that things don't seem right, we can help in several ways.

The first step is to have a private & confidential conversation to discuss the situation and assess the risks to the business.  The risk assessment will prepare the foundation for an action plan outlining the steps required for a rapid lock-down.

As you can imagine, having been in business for over thirty years, we have helped with similar situations before.  Often we have responded with an overnight data backup, lock-down, and extraction; and sometimes, we have even helped clear up a misunderstanding which resulted in getting a relationship with an existing vendor back on track. 

Either way, we are happy to help.

And remember, we make changing IT vendors EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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OK, I would like to know more, what's the next step?

Simply fill out the form on our "Contact" page, or give us a call to set up a private consult.

We will provide more detailed information about our company and services, and we will discuss your current situation, as well as your short and long term goals.  If it looks like we may be a good fit for each other, we will provide a ballpark estimate to give you an idea of what our services may cost.

If that all sounds good, we move forward with a basic audit of your environment and gather more detail about your priorities and needs.  We will follow up with a custom proposal, as well as a few client references for your review.  There is no cost or obligation involved, and the process can take as little as a few days.

If you decide that we are not a fit, or if the timing is just not right, we promise not to bug you with endless sales calls.  We will respect your time and privacy, and will be there when you are ready!

And remember, we make changing IT vendors EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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My IT person is the only one that knows my systems, won't it be painful to switch?

If your systems are currently working, we can easily back them up and then document them, if your systems are not currently functioning properly then it is already painful and your business is at risk, the sooner you make the change, the better. 

We often find that even when a new client that we are onboarding has told us that things were "ok" with the previous vendor when they see how much of a difference having professional IT management can make, they are relieved and excited about the change.  I can't tell you how often a new client tells me that they wished they had made the change years ago!

Our systems and process are very transparent, as a client, you have access to our systems, records and all of the documentation about your network.  With White Mountain, you are as involved as you want to be and will never feel that you are being left in the dark.  Don't settle for a vendor who uses knowledge as job security. Let us help you get the situation resolved.

At White Mountain, we make changing IT vendors EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Should we be considering moving to the cloud?

The short answer is yes before you spend any money on new servers, you should consider how cloud-based systems could help your business.

White Mountain is an IT management and support company, not a server sales company.  We routinely help clients evaluate the best use of technology, minimizing the cost of ownership without adding complexity.  White Mountain has been providing full cloud desktop platforms to our client for many years and can help you objectively evaluate options, and plan a migration to the cloud if it is the right fit for your business.

Today's cloud services can offer a very competitive alternative to having servers and computers on-site.  Client's who are best served by moving entirely to the cloud, literally remove all of the PC's and servers, and each user has an inexpensive $200 "cloud terminal". Rather than being in the never-ending cycle of buying, installing, maintaining and repairing computers and servers, everything is provided as a simple monthly user fee.  Your costs scale almost directly with the growth of the company.

Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud include:

        • Never buy another server!
        • Expensive, high-end options become affordable (or included for free)
        • Redundancy & fail-over
        • Virtualization
        • Real-time backups
        • Disaster recovery
        • Secure remote access
        • Per-user software licensing
        • Easy access from Windows, Mac, tablet, smartphone
        • Easy security logging and auditing
        • Standardization, so user support is easier
        • End-user devices become inexpensive and easy to swap
        • Systems and costs scale up and down as your needs change

Call today to see if moving some, or all of your systems to the cloud is the right move for your business.

At White Mountain, we make moving to the cloud EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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What should be included in a written security policy?

Depending on the industry that you are in, and the data security and compliance regulations that may apply to you, a security policy can be quite involved.

At a minimum, every business should have a written security policy to demonstrate that the company takes data privacy and security seriously and has systems in place to protect it.

Without having a policy in place, that all employees have seen and agree to abide by, it may be problematic should a problem develop in the future.

A basic security policy should include:

      • Password policy  (click HERE for password policy tips)
      • Acceptable Use Policy for email, internet browsing, social media, etc. (click HERE for AUP tips)
      • Access and control of proprietary data and client data
      • Access to company data from remote locations, or on non-corporate devices
      • Physical security protocols for doors, dealing with visitors, etc.
      • Understanding data classification, what is critical and private data?
      • How to deal with and report lost or stolen devices
      • How to handle and report a suspected security breach or data loss
      • Requirements and expectations for Security Awareness Training  (click HERE for cybersecurity training tips)
      • Use of third party cloud or file sync services such as Gmail, Dropbox, etc.
      • Requirements for encryption and computer locking procedures

There are very specific requirements that your business may need to adhere to, and there are tools and templates available to help get started. If you would like to see some sample policies and talk about how we may be able to help you put a plan in place, give us a call today!

At White Mountain, we make changing IT vendors EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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What is involved with setting up a cyber security training program?

Security awareness training should be available and encouraged for all computer users in your company.

There are new variations of sophisticated threats like ransomware developed every day, and sometimes the human at the keyboard is the last defense and the biggest risk.  Having your computers and data infected can be a very disruptive and expensive event that can stop your workflow, and grind productivity to a halt.

At White Mountain, our clients are offered an ongoing training and monitoring system that will help keep users up to date on the latest threats, as well as a platform to demonstrate that they understand, and know how to practice safe computing.

In addition to classroom and online video training,  White Mountain Cyber Security User Training includes:

      • Ongoing, scheduled course curriculum, customized by user
      • Management reports on each users progress and participation
      • Ongoing, automated email Phishing tests, customized for your business
      • Positive reinforcement as well as remedial coursework based on users ability to spot fake emails
      • Handouts and tools to help secure personal mobile devices, social media accounts, and home computers

If you would like more information or would like to get a copy of our free Cyber Security Toolkit, give us a call today!

At White Mountain, we make Security Training EASY!

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.whitemtn contactus sm

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How did you know our IT guys name is Larry?

Please let Larry know that we weren't talking about him, (or were we?).

All kidding aside, it really can be problematic to have a single internal, shared resource responsible for IT systems. A staff member that is not dedicated to IT, and does not have an IT background, usually doesn't have the time, and almost never has the experience or resources, to do it well (no offense to Larry).

We routinely meet companies that have operated this way and tell us that it seemed to work well for them until it didn't. And when it stops working well, it almost always ends badly.

The good news is that White Mountain can provide a much higher level of service, typically for less than the cost of a part-time employee.  Give us a call today to learn more about the White Mountain Advantage!

At White Mountain, we make changing IT vendors EASY!

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.whitemtn contactus sm

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