Tip of the Week: How to Keep Your Emails from Being Flagged as Spam

Tip of the Week: How to Keep Your Emails from Being Flagged as Spam

While spam filtering can be great for your business’ own defenses, the spam filtering that your contacts have in place could very well keep your messages from reaching them. This simply will not do. Let’s go over a few ways that you can help prevent your emails from being caught up in these filters before your contacts or prospects can read them.

You Haven’t Been Given Permission to Email Someone

Here’s the big rule when it comes to sending emails and avoiding the spam filter: you can’t send promotional emails to someone who hasn’t given you permission to do so, at the risk of some severe fines. Purchasing an email list or otherwise obtaining contact details without securing the authorization to contact them could easily get you marked as spam for sending unsolicited emails.

Your Content Uses Words that Trigger the Filter

There is a laundry list of words that spam filters really don’t like… so much so, that including a word from that list significantly diminishes the likelihood that your email will make it through. Do some research into the words you’re including in your subject lines to identify if you’re using terms that are actually working as a detriment to your communications.

You’re Sending Too Much as Once

If you’re suddenly sending hundreds of emails at once, many email service providers will see this as spam. Of course, when you’re using email for your business’ communications, these hundreds of emails stack up pretty quickly.

One effective way to sidestep this is to schedule out your emails in what is called a “drip” campaign. Instead of sending all of these emails en masse, a drip campaign allows these emails to be scheduled out and sent over time.

You Included an Attachment

While attachments certainly aren’t unheard of in business emails, the context of the email is important to determine whether or not it might be considered spammy. For instance, a lot of threats are commonly delivered packaged in an email attachment. This makes it so that a spam filter will frequently block messages that have an unexpected or unsolicited attachment included.

You Haven’t Provided the Opportunity to Opt-Out

Finally, spam filters really don’t like email messages that don’t allow their recipient to remove themselves from a mailing list. Neglecting to include a link to this option in your emails could very well get your messages marked as spam, or simply sorted into a folder where they will never be viewed. Allowing a false prospect to opt-out of your communications is the much better option.

Don’t Let Your Communications be Foiled by Cybersecurity Precautions

While we would never shortchange the importance of proper cybersecurity, it is important that you also ensure that you retain your abilities to communicate with those inside and outside of your business. White Mountain IT Services is here to help you see to both needs, with IT solutions that uphold best practices while also remaining profitable.

To find out what we can do for your successful operations, give us a call at 603-889-0800.

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