The Key Difference Between In-House and Hosted VoIP Solutions

b2ap3_thumbnail_voip_for_business_400.jpgCommunications solutions are vital to the functionality of your business. Amongst several other necessities, your telephony solution stands head and shoulders above the rest as one of the most important. Are you still using a legacy phone system? If so, you should consider switching to a VoIP system.

A VoIP phone system, or Voice over Internet Protocol, uses your Internet connection instead of a landline connection, to transfer your voice to the recipient. Essentially, your voice is turned into data and transmitted along your Internet connection. This removes the need to pay for expensive long distance phone bills that might be holding your company back.

Before even considering VoIP, however, you need to consider whether your current infrastructure can handle the demands of this new type of communication. Your VoIP runs off of your Internet connection, so it’s important to consider whether or not your connection can sustain heavy use. If not, you might experience connectivity issues and poor call quality.

Still, if your business is keen on improving operations, one of the best things you can do is switch to a VoIP solution. There are several different kinds of VoIP providers out there, all with different solutions. Despite this, one of the consistent choices you’ll have to make is whether or not you want hosted or in-house VoIP.

The Difference Between Hosted and In-House VoIP
Compared to an in-house VoIP solution, hosted VoIP offers plenty of benefits. Basically, a hosted VoIP solution allows your business the ability to push the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining the VoIP server onto an outsourced IT company like White Mountain IT Services. These companies generally allow businesses to host the server off-site and out of mind, or in the cloud. This means that the third party is responsible for ensuring the upkeep of the system, which lets your company go about business as usual with one less expense to worry about.

Due to this shift in responsibility, it’s simple and easy to implement. However, you might run into complications if you’re one of the more hands-on business owners. Outsourcing any aspect of your IT infrastructure requires a certain level of trust, so if you want to reap the benefits of outsourcing your VoIP to an IT vendor, you need to make sure that you’re willing to relinquish this control.

What to Look For
One of the most vital properties to look for in a hosted VoIP provider is reliability. If the server where your VoIP is hosted goes down, you’ll be in a bind. This is why one of the most vital properties to look for in a hosted VoIP provider is reliability. You can’t hope to accomplish much without it. Furthermore, you should look for those who have a long legacy of excellency in the managed services department. What you need is someone like White Mountain IT Services, with exceptional, proven expertise in the industry. With our technicians on your side, you’re sure to integrate only the best solutions out there.

White Mountain IT Services’s VoIP solution is flexible enough to be hosted both in-house or remotely. This makes it a versatile solution that’s sure to meet the standards and requirements of your corporate structure. Give us a call at 603-889-0800 today to learn more and for help deciding the right solution for your business.

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