Some IT Changes Can Be Problematic for Your Business

Some IT Changes Can Be Problematic for Your Business

The realities of the past year have made some businesses look to adjust their operational strategies. Many businesses that are, look to technology deployments as a way to make these adjustments. If the deployments don’t go as planned, however, it can have a major impact on business operations.

Reasons to Implement Technology

Businesses are consistently looking to work new technology into the way they do things. This wasn’t always the case, but today, where companies have to find more to do with less, it is a safe bet that your average business owner will try to patch the holes with technology. Obviously, this is a sound strategy as long as there are some tempered expectations of what your business is going to gain by trying to utilize technology in this fashion. Some things will work, some won’t. Can your business afford a wait-and-see approach? 

This is why any business that is looking to technology to improve their business has to understand what technology they are already using, how a new technology would pair with that other tech; and, most importantly, how their staff would be able to function with the new software in place. 

Shifts in operational technology strategies can take some time to acclimate to, and if you commit to technology investments that don’t work to immediately improve productivity or efficiency, there is a good chance that you won’t see the return you are looking for. 

Is This Technology Investment Prudent?

The benefits of a properly-deployed solution can be massive, but is that right for your business? Let’s look at some questions you should ask before signing off on a new technology investment. 

Are You Deploying the Right Tech?

When shifting gears and deploying new software, businesses often have a period of time where transition makes things difficult. Obviously, you’ll need to successfully implement the technology, you’ll need to train your people up, and you’ll need to create a support strategy. Doing all that well will typically provide the results you are looking for… unless the technology you implemented doesn’t solve the problems it was supposed to; or, worse yet, creates a whole set of new problems that make it look like a giant waste of strategic resources. 

The IT professionals at White Mountain IT Services can help you completely avoid these problems. We can do an assessment and provide you with solutions that will absolutely address the problems you're having without the headache of trying to implement technology and keep your business running. 

A Partial Upgrade

If you have workers that have been with you for years, and you’ve been using the same technology the whole time, it can’t be a big surprise when they have difficulties acclimating to a new solution. It can actually make you leave antiquated systems in place because the cost to train your people up is too high. Sure, you need to know that your people can do the work you need them to do with the tools you provide, but if you run into this issue, finding solutions that allow you to leverage automation can really help your business. The technology you use, as useful as it is, pales in comparison to having an efficiently running business. Being able to automate mundane and repetitive tasks can take some of the pressure off your workforce. Partially upgrading, or upgrading in phases, might just be the way to go. 

If you would like to discuss this or any other technology issue you may have, call us today at 603-889-0800.

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