Should we be considering moving to the cloud?

The short answer is yes before you spend any money on new servers, you should consider how cloud-based systems could help your business.

White Mountain is an IT management and support company, not a server sales company.  We routinely help clients evaluate the best use of technology, minimizing the cost of ownership without adding complexity.  White Mountain has been providing full cloud desktop platforms to our client for many years and can help you objectively evaluate options, and plan a migration to the cloud if it is the right fit for your business.

Today's cloud services can offer a very competitive alternative to having servers and computers on-site.  Client's who are best served by moving entirely to the cloud, literally remove all of the PC's and servers, and each user has an inexpensive $200 "cloud terminal". Rather than being in the never-ending cycle of buying, installing, maintaining and repairing computers and servers, everything is provided as a simple monthly user fee.  Your costs scale almost directly with the growth of the company.

Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud include:

        • Never buy another server!
        • Expensive, high-end options become affordable (or included for free)
        • Redundancy & fail-over
        • Virtualization
        • Real-time backups
        • Disaster recovery
        • Secure remote access
        • Per-user software licensing
        • Easy access from Windows, Mac, tablet, smartphone
        • Easy security logging and auditing
        • Standardization, so user support is easier
        • End-user devices become inexpensive and easy to swap
        • Systems and costs scale up and down as your needs change

Call today to see if moving some, or all of your systems to the cloud is the right move for your business.

At White Mountain, we make moving to the cloud EASY!whitemtn contactus sm

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