4 Signs You Need to Find A New Managed IT Vendor

Trust is paramount in business. Many people won't even conduct business with someone they don't trust or respect. As a result, it may have taken some time to build a solid foundation of trust with your current managed IT service provider. Once trust is established they should be trying to help your company become more successful.

However, what do you do when you've noticed that the managed IT service provider you used to trust is not providing you with the same level of service that they did in the beginning? Or maybe you've noticed that they are no longer taking the initiative to advise you on how to navigate the latest technological changes in your industry. If you've worked with a managed IT service provider for a long time and built relationships with the staff it may be hard for you to remain objective and realize that they may no longer be a good fit for your company. For some of you who are still on the fence about whether you should switch to another IT provider, here are some red flags that should make you reconsider:

#1. They don't respond promptly to your calls anymore

Have you noticed that they are slow to respond when you try to contact them via phone or email? Although their sales team may have doted on you in the beginning when they were trying to sign you as a client, that level of personal attention gradually faded over time.

You deserve a responsive managed IT provider with an excellent customer service team. You should always be confident that they will respond immediately when you have a technical issue.

#2. You've started to notice the company has a high employee turnover

If your main point of contact at your managed IT company changes every couple of months, there may be a serious underlying issue. High employee turnover could be a sign that the company is in distress. It is common for some employees to occasionally leave their job for better opportunities elsewhere at other companies or to move up within the organization. However, if you believe it's happening at an alarming rate it could mean the company is unstable.

#3. They are not helping your business reach its IT goals

One of the main reasons companies decide to partner with a managed IT company is because they can help create an IT roadmap that is aligned with their overall strategic business goals. A reputable managed IT company should have several subject matter experts on board who can provide excellent counsel when your company's decision makers have to make important decisions. If your vendor isn't proactively helping your company reach its goals or providing any real value - it may be time to search for another IT company.

#4. Your company's IT has started to experience more downtime

Another red flag is if your company's IT system is starting to experience continual downtime. Although it's common for the IT infrastructure to be interrupted occasionally so It can upgrade the system or fix minor glitches, your website should still have a high uptime percentage.

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